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Double- mitre- saw, drilling and routing machine

Bespoke production solution for the manufacture of doors in modular design

The CNC controlled multiaxis technology used on the MX-5-NC is the basis for this combination double-mitre-saw with routing and doweldrilling facilities. The modular elements, frames and architraves, for complete bespoke fire-protection door-sets are accurately produced with securely locked mitred corners. A special feature of this version is the vertical positioning of the saw units which increases the cutting capacity to a height of 320mm.

All machine operations, sawing, routing and dowel-drilling are freely and variably programmable. With each machine cycle both ends of each component, left or right side or header of the frame are simultaneously processed. This saves time and therefore manufacturing costs.

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Tooling routing and drilling
Saw tooling
Router processing
Drill processing
Completed work-piece
Operating panel

Frame saw and drilling unit

Bespoke production solution for the manufacture of door frames, architraves and linings

On this sawing and drilling unit, door lining components up to 2800mm long and 450mm wide are processed. The parts are first sawn, then two drilling heads create the holes for the assembly dowels. The machine is designed so that special sizes or unusual designs can be easily accommodated.

This means that all door dimensions and also oversized doors can be individually produced without considerable disruption to the regular factory production.

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Saw station 90°
Saw station with drill head
Saw/Drilling station 45°
Hoffmann keys inserted

Sawing, dowel-drilling and routing machine

Bespoke production solution for the manufacture of innovative window, door and glass frame profiles

An absolute innovation in function is the CNC controlled processing machine ”all-in-one” which makes the sawing, routing and dowel-drilling with a single machine unit. Suitable for work-pieces up to 160mm wide x 110mm high and in lengths from 250mm to 6000mm and beyond. A special feature of this system solution is the facility to rout in all four directions: vertically from the top down or from the bottom up – horizontally from the inside outwards or from the outside inwards. Additionally, the fully automatic monitoring of the entire work-piece length and the three processing sequences (sawing +45°to -45° / routing / dowel drilling) for one corner joint are carried out in 25 seconds.

The “All-in-one” makes the three operations in one machine cycle without releasing the work-piece clamping. The option for optimizing software is available for cutting list management and residual quantity management. Upgrades are available for hinge and hole drilling and online or network connection. For example program downloads direct from the production planning department.

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Operators touch-screen

Saw-routing-drilling machine

Bespoke production solution for the manufacture of door-sets and architraves, window profiles and components for internal work

The CNC controlled multi-axis processing machine “MX-5-NC” for sawing, routing and dowel-drilling is optimized for corner joints in frames where tension and pressure forces are increased. All sizes and positions are freely programmable. The particular benefit of this machine is the simultaneous sawing, routing and drilling of the work-piece including the drilling of the olive-holes in one working cycle.

The perfect all-rounder for the efficient production of windows, patio door elements – including sliding / folding door portals – frame parts such as window bead frames, cladding and mullion connections. Here it is possible to use different or a combination of various connectors.

As well as for glass façade elements, the “MX-5-NC “ can be used for manufacturing the node connections as in post and beam construction.

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Short work-piece processing
Automatic angle positioning
Remote measuring
Work-piece retraction table
Operator friendly work station
Cut length optimising

Multi head vee-notching machine

Bespoke production solution for the manufacture of wooden posts for industrial and garden fencing

The NC controlled saw notching machine is designed for processing structural timbers with cross-sections up to 200x200mm. In this case they are wooden posts for fencing elements. By pressing a single button the machine cycle cuts the profile to length (freely selectable angle) and processes three vee-notches (2 x diagonal cuts x 45°) The distance between each vee-notch cut is fully adjustable. The work-piece (post) is fed to the machine by a roller bed.

The system can be extended with the addition of further vee-notching units.

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Machine table
Movable notching unit
Chop saw unit
Waste conveyor
Positioning the notching unit

Double mitre saw, drilling and routing machine

Bespoke production solution for the manufacture of wooden coffins

The combination double mitre saw, drilling and routing machine is designed specifically to process side panels for coffin boxes, ready for assembly. A difficult specification to overcome was cutting the large cross sections of the panels, up to 650mm wide and with compound mitres.

The panel remains securely clamped whilst the processing sequence of sawing, dowel-drilling and keyway routing is carried out. The panels are mitre-cut to length, according to the programmed work-piece data, in two planes. The positioning of the saw angles, dowel holes and keyway slots (Hoffmann-Keys or ”joint nails”) are axis controlled.

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Fully automatic compound mitre cutting and length control
Laser positioning and drilling unit
Double compound mitre cut
Waste transportation

Side-panel double mitre saw, drilling and routing machine

Bespoke production solution for the manufacture of coffins

The machine is designed to the customer’s specification for widths up to 500mm wide. Immediately following the cutting of the mitres, the Hoffmann keyway slots are routed at each end of the work-piece, perpendicular to the mitre surfaces. The number of keyway slots and their positions are freely programmable as well as the hole positions for the coffin handles. To manufacture the top panels, a second machine MX-SO-Top-Panel, would be used. (see next page).

The particular benefits to coffin manufacturers by using the MX-SO-Top-Panel and the MX-SO-Side-Panel machines is a respectable increase of cycle times and an improvement in the quality of cut and dimension control. Moreover the machined parts can be assembled into the finished product much quicker and easier than previously possible.

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Drilling unit
Saw, router and drilling unit
NC-controlled drilling unit
Horizontal / Vertical safety cage

Compound mitre and routing unit

Saw and routing automat

Bespoke production solution for the manufacture of coffin base supports

This NC controlled saw and routing machine can produce up to 2400 coffin base support components in an eight hour shift. The machine cycle is very simple. Different lengths of profile are placed in the magazine. A gripper picks up the lowermost profile and transports it into the machine. The component is sawn to length and one end is routed with a slot for a Hoffmann Key. The completed component is then ejected for assembly.

The angle of saw cut can be adjusted between 40-50°. Whilst the Hoffmann Key position and routing depth are adjustable depending on coffin design.

pdfDownload Datasheett


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